A new take on the stealth genre: Partisans 1941 combines stealth, action, resource management and base building elements. Take control of a group of partisans resisting the German occupation of the Eastern Front during World War II. Plan and initiate combat your way. Use tactical pause, study your surroundings and choose the best position to set up an ambush.

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Create your resistance camp hidden deep in the forest and find allies to join your cause. Create unique guerrilla squads and complete a variety of missions to undermine enemy forces and infrastructure, while securing the resources badly needed to sustain the resistance. Relive the dramatic and unique chapter of World War II and become the commander of the Red Army behind enemy lines.


  1. A fresh take on the stealth tactics genre. A new way to play real-time tactics – a combination of combat, stealth, ambushes and many special items to wreak havoc on the enemy’s ranks. Choose your own way to complete each mission.
  2. Lead a detachment of partisans. Create a squad of your choice and level up your guerrillas. Use your character’s strengths to find the right solution in different situations. Find and recruit new members of the resistance.
  3. Experience the life of a resistance group. Between missions, you witness the routine of a guerrilla life – develop your base, prepare for the next tasks, make sure you have the resources to survive as a guerrilla. Keep your troops motivated.
  4. Another look at World War II. Experience the story of fierce resistance against the ruthless German occupation on the Eastern Front. See the history and motivations of different people who joined the guerrilla resistance, military and ordinary people.

Background and history

As Red Army commander Alexei Zorin, you escape from a Nazi POW camp. Gather a partisan detachment from soldiers left behind enemy lines and local residents. Go with your squad all the way from small sabotage missions to attacks on the authority of the occupying forces.

Play a leading role in an operation initiated by the headquarters of the Red Army and carried out by all partisan detachments in the area: attacking the supply lines of German troops on the front lines in order to buy additional time to prepare the defenders of Leningrad. against the German attack.


  • Game Title: Partisans 1941
  • Game Genres: Indie, Strategy
  • Game Developer: Alter Games
  • Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
  • Release Date: January 05, 2023
  • FILE SIZE : 7.72 GB


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