packaging designer for youth centric drink


Packaging Designer

Project goal
To create a packaging design for a youth centric Drink .
They describe their brand as –
Sonica is a brand for 20-30 YO consumers, mainly students or early graduates, high-middle class consumers with above average income, living in big cities and enjoying modern culture and lifestyle and they show high interest in healthy lifestyle. Consumers show high affinity to social active life including music, music festivals and clubs and enjoy modern design, shiny and bright approaches. Consumer insights include: “I like to drink and socialize for full and still enjoy my morning activities” and “While living my life for full I am thinking how to make my life healthier” Sonica is positioned and based on “music” values communicated by the tagline “Make It Loud” on products and printed materials. The brand with be promoted by key music influencers (DJs , musicians and bartenders)

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