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In the very first step of every business, set-up comes defining the company itself. It is the basic step where the brand identity is created. Talking about brand identity, before any sort of packaging design, product planning, etc. comes the designing of the logo.

Indeed, the logo is the very first thing that anyone might notice in your company. It is something that defines you like who you are, what do you do, what makes you unique and how can you serve the best and many other such questions.

This is why it is extremely important to take special care of the logo before finalizing one from the lot. It does not convey that you should hire the best possible and high graded logo designers, spend a huge amount of money and so on. Well, for an early small business this may turn into a wrong investment.

On the contrary, just keep the idea simple. Now, mark this simplicity into your logo designing. Well, if we elaborate on this topic then there are quite many of them. On that note, here are some of the tips that will help you evaluate the quality of your logo. Without any further delay, let’s begin.

1. Keep it Simple:

Let us start with the simplest point which is simplicity itself. In fact, this simplicity marks great importance in any logo designing. As a base, your logo should be simple and easy to understand. So, make sure to frame the same thing in the logo.

In many cases, companies and even the people have an opinion towards a logo that it should be high fi, equipped with wall graphics, etc. And yes, these things matter but they all come in a secondary place. What matters the most is the message your logo conveys to the viewers. Coming to conveying a message, simplicity is the best tool.

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Overall, just take a note of the things and features of your company and represent them in a simple and easy to understand manner. Lastly, there are tons of famous examples which strive on the fact of being simple with their logos. Google, Facebook, HP, Adidas, Apple, TATA, and many more.

2. Represent the Brand :

Moving on from simplicity this next point is pretty straightforward in nature. In the very first place, where comes the need for logo design. It is to represent your brand to the people. So, what is the use of such a logo which diversifies the thoughts of your brand into a completely different world?

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Also, if you thought of including some sort of little things into the name of your company then make sure that these things match with the context of your company. For instance, the use of a soccer ball in place of the letter O for any sports brand makes sense. And moreover, it goes hand in hand with your company.

Not to mention, it is not any type of compulsion to include such references of the relatable things. Otherwise, you might end up spending more time thinking of a reference instead of designing a good logo for your company.

3. Work in Black and White :

Now this point, in my opinion, is often overlooked by many companies out there. In the way of being attractive and eye-catchy, they end up trying different shades of colours, gradients, tones, etc.

Being immersed in the world of colours they forget that one which matters a lot is the look of the same logo in black and white.

Monochrome logos that have a solid impact on its audience.

Just have a thought, it is okay to showcase your logo on your website, products packaging design, billboards, etc. But it is not likely that your logo always finds a position to be showcased in colour format.

In some places like your logo may be printed out in the black and white format. So, if your logo fails to deliver the same result as in colour format then this is for sure not serving the purpose.

This is why make sure that before starting the logo design begin the same with the black and white format. Once you get the satisfying output in black and white formats, add colours to it. Overall, a small point to note which makes big difference.

4. Suits in Different Media :

In the context of colours, this next point is about places the logo being used. It is pretty obvious that after spending a lot of work and money you end up at one logo design and this is the one that you will be using for years to come.

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In this scenario, make sure that your logo works the same in different types of media. Meaning, your logo has to be represented on various forms of media such as watermark on paper, business cards, merchandise, etc. And in every media type, your logo should suit well and hold true value.

So, for this to work out, you may need to re-engineer your logo a couple of times. And surely do it. It may demand some tip of extra efforts and time but in the long run, it will completely pay off all your efforts.

5. Think of Scalability :

Coming from the places here comes to the point of scale and size. One question that lies in this point is, your logo looks equally good on a big footprint alongside the national highway and on the top right corner of your visiting cards or so.

Now, if you understood and noted the question then you will get the answer. It basically implies that your logo should be designed in such a way that it excels the same way in different sizes of usability.

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To sum up, the answer is related to technical skills. Your logo has to designed in vector graphics instead of raster graphics. As vectors graphics are made of vectors that are scalable.

On the other side, raster graphics, it is made from pixels and when enlarged the result may be a blurred image.

6. Make it Unique and Stand Out :

Above all the other things in any logo, one thing that is surely needed to be there is uniqueness. Ultimately, you are designing a logo and it is your company’s representation and it has to be unique.

Frankly speaking, it is easier said than done. As every other person may advise you to be unique. But the problem is that there is no single sort of answer to this question of being unique. Indeed, this is totally something that you need to figure out as per your needs.

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But here is a tip. Let’s say you want a logo for your company that manufactures coconut oils. In this mind, you might have decided to inculcate coconuts into your brand name.

As a matter of fact, there is a number of companies that do a similar thing. For example

So here you need to think of the same coconut implementation in a somewhat different way.

7. Hire a Professional :

Finally, in order to go through and understand the above points you need a professional graphic designer.

I used to say this number of times and this one adds up again. You are not the master of all trades. It means that you may be skilled when it comes to marketing strategies, business management, etc. but for a logo, if you feel you are not the perfect one. Make sure to check this ‘How to hire an of a good graphic designerhere.

Hire a Professional

In order to get the best logo design and note the above points you first need to understand the basics of graphic designing. These include colour model, the typography of fonts, graphics used, feasible sizes and more.

Long story short, just invest some capital in a good graphic designer and surely this investment of capital will pay off with good results in long run.

Closing Words:

To conclude, I would like to mention that, good logo design is just a perception we look at. Every stand-alone logo design is good enough in itself. But what matters, even more, is its integration with the company and its brand standards.

Also, make sure to work with a professional graphic designer for the best possible results. Also do check this out ‘Qualities to look out for in a Graphic Designer

On that note, do visit my studio at and check my Upwork profile here. Lastly, looking forward to working with you for the growth of your company and let’s design something great together!

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