9 Packaging Design Trends that will Dominate in 2021-2022

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Packaging design is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any product from any brand. It basically is the first impression of the actual product to the buyer. Good and attractive packaging design can add up to a good extent value to the product.

On the other hand, bad and unsuitable packaging design can literally ruin the overall product. It means no matter you develop a product with good technology and features.

But if you go wrong in presenting and designing it then you would have hard times in bringing people’s awareness and interest towards it.

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Now, not only good materials, sizes, colors, etc. are enough for packaging design but also one should follow the trends. After all, the products are meant for people and people love to be trendy.

So, if you are not playing well in this trending game then it will cost you a lot of loss. This is why there are few top packaging design trends that will surely dominate in 2021 and maybe in coming years as well. Therefore, with that being said let’s dive in.

1. Simple and Minimalistic

Lets first address this one. Minimalism and simplicity will always have a target audience anytime and anywhere. For this purpose, simple and minimalistic packaging design ideas are crucial and in fact starting this list.

They are not going to be losing their fuss anytime soon. In that view, it is really important for companies to make note of it.

So, for the designers and creators do make sure that you keep your design simple and minimalistic.

Also, this kind of product packaging design suits and goes well for almost any category of products.

2. Transparent designs

Well, starting for this one, transparent designs are not something new. It has been there for quite a long time now and it continues to be one of the easiest ones to make into the trends list. Also, every now and then, all of us have come across products that use this packaging design idea.

packaging design

For starters, the idea is really simple. In transparent design just put a section of package transparent. It really works like magic.

This transparent section provides the buyer first and a limited glimpse of the product. Moreover, instead of using printed fake ones, using the actual ones through the transparent side makes more sense.

3. Bold Typography

In recent times, bold typography has definitely gained huge popularity among different sectors. So, why not try to include and implement this one for your next product package design.

This goes like using highly bold and eye-catchy text in the package. Also, it relieves the designer from adding those net or other sources browsed images onto it. Below is an example from McDonald’s food packaging design.

This is what McDonald's uses to make its product more attractive.

Furthermore, this does not even look bad either. Instead, this type of package helps in those cases where text makes more sense than images. Lastly, you can opt for some crazy and well-suited color combinations depending on the product category.

4. Gradient design

Another interesting one, which has got a huge set of audience is gradient package design. If you take a look at your daily products or gadgets then surely you will find one with a gradient package design. Another major take that gradient wins is, it has almost infinite possibilities.

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Like you can play and form your own combination from the wide range of colors available. Not to mention, this design will solidly give your product a stand out from its competitors. As per the recent trends we observe, gradient design will be a key and contribute to a great extent to success.

5. Vintage

First things first, this packaging design is not for every product in the lineup. Rather it is meant for those unique and special products. To begin with, the vintage design seems simple to look at.

But the same is not the case when it comes to design or create one. Basically, vintage packaging design suits well and is almost perfect for products from yesteryears.

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Meaning, if you are looking for a design for a product that is going to replicate the older products then vintage should be your ultimate choice. Together with choosing a correct vintage design it equally is important how you choose the other parameters.

These readily include the font type, size, shapes, color patterns, and much more. To sum up, vintage packaging design will solely add a different look and feel to your product.

6. Black and White

Moving on from one of the designs for yesteryears to its close pretenders. Black and white designs may not sound so good. But believe me, it will work really well if used in a good manner.

To start with, unlike other design patterns, here you have only two color options. And that too they are exactly opposite of each other.

packaging design agency

In fact, this is the most favorable point in this type of design. Sounds confusing, hear me out. Black and white have so much power to express. They can make any packaging design dynamic and versatile in nature. In many cases, this design outperforms the ones with tones of color shades.

7. Detailed and Busy designs

Remember, we talked about the minimalistic and simple designs at the beginning, these are the contrast ones. Basically, detailed packaging designs, as the name says, are the ones with great attention to detail.

And with such a large amount of details included it makes them the busy packaging design in the list. With people looking more for extra features in any product this minimalism design surely helps to win the game.

freelance packaging designer

Not to mention, minimalistic designs will steadily hold their place. But the heavily detailed packaging design comes with its own set of perks. Lastly, in recent times, this type of design has gathered a huge set the target audiences in the market.

8. Different Shapes

Now, just have a thought, not every product needs to be packed and designed in regular rectangular boxes or so.

best design packaging
best designer packaging

In these cases, you can undoubtedly opt for designs with different shapes and sizes. It not only adds a unique look to your overall product and design but also delivers users a different presentation towards it.

In the same fashion, if you look and think about your design then the sky’s the limit. With proper orientation and arrangement of box contents, you can come up with a wide range of shapes for your design.

9. Natural and Realistic design

Finally ending up this list with a design with a more realistic and natural touch. Consider this, if you end up putting all the artificial stuff onto your package design and finally when the buyer sees the actual product.

When the actual product does not meet buyers’ expectations then all get in vain. So, coupled with this fact, do try adding a realistic touch to your designs.

In fact, you can use materials that are eco-friendly and in the favor of nature. Also, you can advertise this as a benefit for your overall package design and design packaging box made solely using natural and recyclable sources.

Closing words :

As I already mentioned earlier, if you fail to maintain the trend then people will ignore it and your company will be lost in no time. This is why do check out these creative packaging design trends and plan your design effectively.

Also, one thing to note is these are current trends and all of them may not go well with all types of product categories. For this reason, do consider investing a portion of your product development onto its packaging design too.

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