Important Tips for Product Package Designing

In the first place, there are many of them who actually think that the products specification matters instead of the package. Well, it is not totally correct. As the packaging design in most of the cases alters and attracts users’ decisions.

Think of this scenario. You went to a supermarket and wanted to buy yourself a body perfume. So, when you head over to that particular section you find plenty of them. But the chances are more likely that you pick the first one which matches and attracts you with good packaging design.

This is where packaging design comes into the picture. Thus, let’s look at some tips and tricks for the packaging design of your next product. Let’s then get started!

What is Packaging design?

As the name conveys, packaging design is nothing but the representation of your product in package form. It acts as a connection between the actual product inside it and the user who bought it.

According to the product category, the packaging design also needs to be changed. Also, the packaging design has to match the ideology and purpose of the actual product. In designing the package, one needs to keep in mind many different factors. They are the structure, colour, material, size, etc.

Why is it important?

Now the entire idea of package design may sound pretty simple. But it does not go that way. To begin with, consider a situation. Let’s say you had a look at a few brands in purchasing your hair shampoo.

After the first glance of all the bottles in the store, you would highly pick up the one which has good looking bottle and colour touch to it. And that is the magic of packaging design. Moreover, package design bags the most credit in any product’s success in the market.

In addition, you also need to take good care at the type of product, target audience, sales, etc. before directly getting a package designed. There is a lot of stuff that needs to be figured out prior to deciding the one for your next product.

On that note, let’s have a look at a few key points to remember for package design of your next product. Let’s just dive in.

1. Colour Scheme and Logos

In today’s competitive world, there is a unique logo for every company out there and that should surely reflect onto the package as well.

This is why when you are designing the package keep in mind that you resemble the colour scheme of the company.

Because if you go for some different shades or colours then it will end up being confused in buyers’ mind.

Also, do include the brand’s logo on the most places of package. This does not mean that fill the entire box with logos. But choose places wisely where to put the logo on. After all, the user should relate the brand image and product together.

2. Simple and Minimalistic

This point is one of the important steps of the best packaging design techniques.

The formula is pretty straight forward. Keep the design of the package simple and minimalistic. It is actually beneficial for almost all the users and works in most cases.

Among the entire people in the market looking for any product, a high per cent of them choose the simple and clean package.

So, remember to maintain the design simple along with all the information of the product needed to be conveyed. But there are exceptions where you can adapt the funky and busy design as per the product requirement.

3. Material selection

To begin with, materials that we choose to design any package also matters a lot. In fact, the material with which the entire package is built on, says a lot regarding the product.

Paper, polycarbonate, silicone, rubber, metals like aluminium, steel, etc. are some of the common materials used.

Among all of these, paper (Cardboard) and polycarbonate (plastic) fill most of the list. And that too makes sense as it comes at low cost and tons of customizations are available.

For this purpose, this is mostly an optional checkbox for most.

But in some categories, it plays a vital role. More likely if the package design is for some special or limited-edition product then you need to choose materials wisely. On a bit of different note, do aim at using recyclable materials as they harm far less to the future environment.

4. Presentation

After selecting suitable material, matching with the colour model and logos of brand results in a simple and minimalistic package.

But if you fail to represent it to the consumer then all of the work will end up into the vain.

Hence, do have a look at your package presentation. If concentrated carefully then the proper presentation can end up getting a trustworthy new customer for your company.

All the above points were focused more onto the look and feel of the package design but the presentation is an experience. It is that satisfying experience that a buyer gets when he/she unboxes to see the actual product. All the contents, an actual product with its accessories, should be presented in a neat and clean manner. Even though it is a one-time thing but totally worth the effort.

5. Stand Out

Just give a thought at the basic motive of this entire packaging design thing.

So, after going through all the points still, you fall under the roof of companies then no use.

In that case, you need to rethink the design and put an extra effort to solve it. For this purpose, always aim to stand out of the competition with the design of your package.

In other words, do try to add that X-factor into your design which makes you stand out in the race. Maybe it a different approach towards the design shape or inclusion of a small thing into the package.

Ultimately, if you nail in this factor then your product will set a benchmark in that category.

6. Feedback

Nevertheless, not everything that we imagine and work on strikes the best output.

Therefore, users feedback also matters a lot. Indeed, users’ feedback is a great key and provides scope to further improvement in the product.

So, when you release any new product with a good package design look for users reviews on that.

In this process do have decent patience as everything does not get ready in a short time.

Also, do review the feedback and eliminate the unnecessary ones and work on the useful. In the end, do not hesitate in mentioning the users’ credit towards any improvement.

7. Be Honest and Clear

Many times, we observe that any brand claims of some highlighting stats or features and fail to deliver.

Also, they embed these false claims on the package box. In the end, it is not going to do any good for the company.

In turn, it will lose many consumers at present and also in the future. Hence, before highlighting the best features of the product do mention them in an honest manner. And one more aspect is while mentioning any key feature be clear and use simple language.

Hire a Professional Graphic Designer

All things considered, still, you may fail to get a proper package design for your product. Because the one who worked for your design may be a person with not so good knowledge of the same.

So, in order to strive the best results do hire a professional graphic designer. Many may think it as an add-on pay in the development of the product but trust me, it will complete pay-off.

It is obvious that all of us do not master in every possible category. This is why spend a little on the graphic designer as well and in return, they will deliver you the best output.

Given these points, if you still fall short on hiring any then look for a freelancer. As freelancer is the one will offer you with value-to-money work compared to costly agencies.

Final Words

To sum up and holding my above statement, there is not a generalized way for packaging design. But these few and quick points will surely help you make better decisions and changes so that you get the best result.

Finally, do check out my studio ,here and have a look at my work profile by clicking on ,here. Hope to work with you and design something great together!

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